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Providing Jordan Park clients and community with ongoing access to provocative thinkers, renowned authors, world leaders, and academics is core to our mission of enhancing lives and legacies.

Our Jordan Park webinar speakers have provided a range of unique perspectives at critical moments.

General James Mattis spoke to us about leading through crisis.

Dr. James Madara, C.E.O. of the American Medical Association, gave us a closer look at the American healthcare system through the lens of Covid.

“Cyber Threats and National Security” was covered by: James R. Clapper, former U.S. Director of National Intelligence; Michael Chertoff, former U.S. Secretary of Homeland Security and co-author of the USAPATRIOT Act; and Brigadier General Francis X. Taylor (ret.), former Under Secretary of Homeland Security for Intelligence and Analysis, Founder of Defense Cyber Crime Center (DC3).

Abby Falik and Ben Nelson discussed paths to success and higher education.

Sheila Walker taught us how to build resilience and improve health, even during the most volatile times.

Bob Costas spoke about the future of sports.

Van Jones discussed civic engagement and responsibility.

Jared Diamond, author of “Guns, Germs and Steel”, spoke on the pandemic in historical context.

We hosted “What Does It Take To Be a Super-forecaster” with Warren Hatch and David Lawrence.

New York Times bestselling author Gayle Tzemach Lemmon spoke with us about “Exceptional Women; Extreme Odds”.

Harvard Professor Danielle Allen spoke about “Reinventing American Democracy: 6 Bipartisan Recommendations.”

Founding Director of the Stanford University Center on Longevity, Professor Laura Carstensen, shared insights from the Stanford Center’s “New Map of Life.”

College admissions experts from ESM Prep, Katie Levy and Billy Downing, provided insights on the evolution of college admissions in the last few years and how to best prepare students for a successful process and collegiate experience.

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