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August 10 2023

Jordan Park


Quarterly Investment Webinars

Jordan Park Investment Webinars bring insight and analysis on important macro-economic and market milestones. Each quarter, we host experts from the Jordan Park Chief Investment Office as well as our investment partners from leading firms around the globe to share their perspectives with our clients and broader Jordan Park community.

In our Mid-Year 2023 Investment Webinar, we were joined by four distinguished guests.

Erin Abouzaid, Head of Investment Strategy at Jordan Park, provided an overview of where we sit from a macro perspective and led us through a deep dive on U.S labor market data and its importance to investors.

Heather Brownlie, Head of Fixed Income and Credit at Jordan Park, discussed the latest interest rate environment and interesting opportunities in the credit markets.

Matt Edmonds, President at Jordan Park, and Head of the Jordan Park Chief Investment Office, hosted a special discussion with Nick Weber, CEO and CIO of private equity real estate firm, Henderson Park. Together they walked us through the outlook, risks, and opportunities in global real estate.

Previous Guests

Larry Summers, Former Treasury Secretary, and Chris James, Founder of Engine No. 1 discussed the macro-economic outlook, views on equity markets and navigating through uncertainty.

Marijn Dekkers, founder of Novalis Capital Partners, former CEO of Bayer AG and Thermo Fisher Scientific, discussed recent developments and trends in the healthcare and life sciences industries, as well as potential investment opportunities in the coming years.

Dr. Sushil Wadhwani, CBE, the Chief Investment Officer for PGIM Wadhwani and former member of the Monetary Policy Committee at the Bank of England, spoke about monetary policy and managing in the current inflation climate.

David Steinbach, Global Chief Investment Officer of Hines, shared his perspective on real estate markets globally and the outlook for a range of real estate sectors and regions.

Richard Clarida, previous Vice Chair of the Federal Reserve, discussed the Fed’s actions, past and present, to control inflation and his opinions regarding the current outlook on markets.

C.J. Brucato, Managing Partner & Co-CEO of private equity firm Abry Partners, offered his views on the current deal-making market, private market valuations, and the forward pace of private equity activity.

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